Don't worry this isn't my kid.

Don't worry this isn't my kid.

“Weekend” Joe Clabby is primarily an indoor cat. But he's been known to mix it up outside if the situation calls for it. He's dangerous, in a safe, intriguing way. And people usually compliment him for a variety of things.

Joe was born in Red Bank, New Jersey and grew up one town over in Fair Haven. He started performing improv with a local troupe while in high school. And started doing standup in college when he moved to New York to attend NYU. Now he lives in Los Angeles and continues to do both.

He had a Simpsons character named after him- Ol' Joe Clabby, of which he's very proud. The character is voiced by Harry Shearer and appears in "Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing" written by Tim Long, the twelfth episode of the 24th season.

He ran the mile in high school. His best time was 4:22.

Joe has three sisters, is left-handed and is a fan of Jimmy Stewart.